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A world more and more accelerated, to stop and to enjoy the present moment have become something essential to restore the balance. By that reason, Bissé Nature, always to the vanguard of its sector, has returned to be pioneering with the creation of a revolutionary ritual that transfers you to a new dimension in the art of the well-being.
THE MINDFUL TOUCH. Your experience spa of mindfulness is the most innovating and disruptive proposal in the scope of spa, in which the results of cosmetic of Bissé Nature with more the outpost the technology are combined skillfully. Through the virtual reality, mindfulness and expertise of the therapist – the tact, we invited the client to reconnect with here and now, to relax its body, to wake up its senses and to undergo of a more intense form the pleasure of the beauty.



Your experience spa of mindfulness can comprise of any selected treatment, is face or corporal, of Bissé Nature. To incorporate the virtual reality and mindfulness to the protocol connects to you with your senses, releases your mind and leaves your skin we enjoyed the nutritious, hidratantes and revitalizantes benefits still more that offer the exclusive treatments to you Bissé Nature.



Your experience spa of mindfulness goes much more there of the care of the skin: it assures an absolute benefit the treatment and provides a renewed tranquillity and energy that facilitate the reconexión with one same one. You will reach a level of well-being without precedents, and that will also be reflected in the outside!



This innovating treatment was presented during the week of the Oscars, in occasion of the waited for cinematographic event more of the year. Stars and celebrities could enjoy a new dimension of well-being thanks to this integral experience spa, realised in the BUBBLE PUREE AIR 4,0, a space where a 99.995% of pure air are breathed.


The experience begins with a welcome ritual and some warm I touch corporal, that are complemented with a inmersivo video of virtual reality inspired by the concept of mindfulness. Thus, the client submerges in a total state of attention that him help to evade its mind of daily stress and to leave outside the beauty space any preoccupation. For a person who has never experienced mindfulness nor other techniques of relaxation, he can turn out complicated to avoid that the mind is lost and is only concentrated in which is living. By that reason, the video of virtual reality is the perfect introduction for this protocol.
During all the session, an audio one, also inspired by mindfulness, accompanies to him so that it pays attention to his breathing, to which it happens around to his and everything what is feeling in its body. It will be able to appreciate better the physical sensations, the textures, the changes of temperature, the pressures, the effects in his skin… and, this way, it will obtain a greater benefit and a more alive experience of the treatment.


With THE MINDFUL TOUCH. Your experience spa of mindfulness you will feel the power of the expert hands that touch to you delicately and you will take conscience from the extraordinary force that owns this sense. Because… you know what happens when they touch to you with smoothness? The tact stimulates in the brain the liberation of neuroquímicos related to the positive emotions and it connects to you with deepest of your being.
As well, it inhibits the cortisol levels, which help to reduce to stress and the anxiety. With each smooth rubbing and pressure of the massage some of the million receivers awake that our skin has, and wonderful sensations of calm and serenity are generated.

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