Although you cannot see it, you skin yes can feel it

The contemporary world: built-up, digital and contaminated. Surrounded by another world, hair net, formed by particles of pollution p.m.2,5, p.m.10 and ultra-thin, gases and heavy metals, microscopic elements that can penetrate in your skin. “An illuminated” world by the blue light that emits all the digital devices.


SKIN BOOSTER. A unique prebiotic formula that reinforces your skin. Designed it stops to harness your cosmetics of treatment and to offer a Recommended Daily Protection in front of the pollution. A biological action antirust superior. A concentrate able to balance the beneficial microorganisms of your skin (the cutaneous microbiota), that are essential to preserve a strong skin. It multiplies the power of your skin and fights the damages of the invisible world that surrounds to you.

COMPLETE SHIELD TO YOU. You imagine to surround your skin with an invisible veil that isolates it of the outside and reinforces its interior? Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield not only forms an imperceptible and transpirable film that avoids the polluting particle adhesion in the surface of the face; also he diminishes the free radicals generated by pollution, gases and blue light. A barrier of antirust action. A powerful and delicate protective mantle. A skin that feels like protégée and stays revitalized, flexible and fresh during all the day.

ENZYME CLEANSER. Although noncheers in urban surroundings, your skin needs a deep cleaning that eliminates the impurities that are deposited in their surface. Release it of toxins and excess of fat with Diamond Cocoon Enzyme Cleanser. Thanks to the technology, it offers a triple action that dissolves, catches and absorbs the dirt. Surprise with his innovator and delicate texture to you mousse-sorbet in gel. It enjoys the desintoxicante power that preserves all the hydration and elasticity of your skin. It dazzles with a purified and luminous skin.