We want to present this exquisite exfoliation treatment to you for mature skins and greasy, in our Beauty Center we offer exclusive a 15% to you of DISCOUNT when buying this so exclusive product of Bissé Nature. It dates haste, this promotion will only be available until the 30 of September!


  • Highly recommendable for mature and punished skins, visibly reducing the appearance of the wrinkles. It restrains the visible signs of aging and obtains to an immediate effect lifting.
  • Indicated for skins thanks and with suffering from acne tendency, when cleaning them in depth, help to diminish the size of the pore, it stumps the brands of acne and it fights the black points.
  • Very advisable in skins with spots, since the exfoliation process stumps its dark appearance.
  • Excellent treatment for the dry skin, illuminating and hydrating the skin in depth.