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Glyco Extreme Peel

We want to present this exquisite exfoliation treatment to you for mature skins and greasy, in our Beauty Center we offer exclusive a 15% to you of DISCOUNT when buying this so exclusive product of Bissé Nature. It dates haste, this promotion will only be available until the 30 of September!


  • Highly recommendable for mature and punished skins, visibly reducing the appearance of the wrinkles. It restrains the visible signs of aging and obtains to an immediate effect lifting.
  • Indicated for skins thanks and with suffering from acne tendency, when cleaning them in depth, help to diminish the size of the pore, it stumps the brands of acne and it fights the black points.
  • Very advisable in skins with spots, since the exfoliation process stumps its dark appearance.
  • Excellent treatment for the dry skin, illuminating and hydrating the skin in depth.

Diamond Collection coffer

This Christmas your skin will be the center of all the glances thanks to DIAMOND COLLECTION, a luxurious treatment biorregenerativo global antiage for the most demanding skins. The set special for this Christmas includes:

Moisturizer DIAMOND in the texture that you choose. An infusion of DNA and energy for your skin that restructuring, protects and increases to the well-being of your skin with some extraordinary results, correcting the wrinkles and the lack of elasticity and firmness. DIAMOND CREAM will satisfy to the normal and dry skins; DIAMOND GEL CREAM, to the skin that is thankful for slighter cosmetics — is perfect for men; and DIAMOND CARRIES FAR, very rich in active ingredients, is ideal for the skins with needs extra.

Of gift, DIAMOND CARRIES FAR EYE, a energizante cream for the contour of effect eyes lifting that reduces the dehydration, the wrinkles and the lines of expression. A revolutionary cosmetic created to recover the youth of the glance.

Essential coffer Shock Intensifies

Coffer ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSIFIES includes two extraordinary products so that your skin recovers all their beauty and vitality. Thanks to an exclusive incomparable combination of ingredients of being able regenerative and nutritious, they act at skin level in the own heart of the skin to fight wrinkles and flaccidity. The set that there are preparation for these celebrations consists of:

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSIFIES CREAM, a rich cream antiage that nourishes and revitalizes the skin visibly. Thanks to the Aminoessence cash Cocktail, it contributes extraordinary anti-wrinkle and reafirmantes properties, and help to recover the hydration, firmness and elasticity of a young skin.

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSIFIES MASK a delicious creamy mask of great revitalizante power, that power the level of hydration even of the driest skins and extinguished.