• What your lips wish.
It takes care of your lips as they are deserved with Diamond Lip Booster, a luxurious and sophisticated labial sérum of hidratante and highly nutritious action, who in addition to protecting, alder grove and repairing the lips, diminishes arruguitas, dryness and contributes to volume and elasticity.

More substantial plenty Shine some right away lips visibly and! And an absolutely irresistible smile, thanks to its subtle one finished glossy.

It contains Omega 5 (acid punícico), that fights the free radicals, it impels the cellular renovation and it improves the hydration level, which maintains the skin of the lips elastic.

The turmeric oil power the defence mechanisms cellular of the skin in front the oxidative stress and protects the lips of the damages that the solar radiation produces.

Powerful antioxidants, as the oil of turmeric and the vitamin and, prevent the premature aging.

Vitamin F of natural origin including in the formula in front increases to the resistance of the skin the environmental aggressions, contributes nutrition, improves the barrier function and avoids unnecessary inflammatory processes.

It includes capsaicin for an effect temporary volume.

Tricks of beauty
In order to increase the microcirculation and to harness the effect volume, always apply realising it a massage with his refreshing metallic applicator.

He is perfect to protect the lips if you are going to realise activities outdoors or to repair them if they have suffered after the exhibition to adverse climatic conditions (sun, wind, snow).

Their finished subtle stuffed effect and its shining one emphasize attractive the natural one of the lips, but also it is ideal as it bases smoother before the pintalabios.