• Radiating skin in only 10 minutes
You imagine to be able to transform your skin into time record? Much more that a blister flash, this Express Mini formed by a trio of blisters that exfolian, they illuminate and they smooth it provides a perfect skin to you in opening and closing of eyes. It secures professional results, note at home as the fatigue signs and the lines of expression vanish, and your skin recovers all their splendor, becoming the perfect base for an impeccable make-up during hours. To obtain a smooth, incredibly luminous skin and it never signs was so easy!
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Step 1: PEEL. Iconic peeling of Bissé Nature with glycolic acid and complex alpha-hidroxiácido (AHAs) renews the skin and diminishes the imperfections much more, leaving uniforms it and smooth, list to absorb better the rest of the treatment.

Step 2: RADIANCE. The extract of Ceratonia siliqua (carob bean) along with other ingredients, as the Sensorphine, niacinamida and the aloe side contributes an intense hydration. This refreshing silky emulsion recovers the elasticity and the comfort of the skin after the exfoliation, unifies the tone and gives back the luminosity to the skin.

Step 3: LIFT. Formulated with Phyto-lift Complex and collagen of high molecular weight, microlifting provides a tensile effect that improves the cutaneous texture remarkably, stumps the lines of expression and preserves the hydration. In addition, it includes soy proteins and edelweiss for global a regenerative and antirust action.

Tricks of beauty
Step 1: PEEL
  • To open the blister and to apply all the content on the clean and toned skin as they indicate the drawings. To let act 8 minutes and retire with lukewarm water.
  • To apply 4 drops on zone T of the face (in front, nose, contour of lips and chin). To insist on the small wrinkles of the contour of the lips.
  • To apply to 4 drops on the zone of the cheeks and the contour of the oval.
  • To apply to 6 drops on the neck and decollete realising a smooth massage with descendent movements.

To apply to the content of the blister on face, neck and decollete realising digital maneuvers until securing its total absorption. To let act 1 minute. Not to retire.

Step 3: LIFT
To extend of uniform way with smooth pressures, from the forehead to the decollete. To finalize with some smooth taps by all the zone to fix the product. Not to reaplicar. To let dry the skin completely. Next, to come with the make-up or selected solar protector.