• Last innovation in cronocosmética
  • Both products help to reaffirm and to regenerate the skin from the interior
  • Ideal for area of face, neck, decollete and nape of the neck
DIAMOND CARRIES FAR DUAL NIGHT TREATMENT is the last innovation in cronocosmética, that is united to the delicate one to be able of the tact to fight the natural process of aging of the skin.

This dual treatment nocturne combines two products, DIAMOND CARRIES FAR OIL and DIAMOND CARRIES FAR MASK, that work in synergy and of uninterrupted form during all night reaffirming and regenerating the skin from the interior. The nourished wide-awake skin, revitalized, luminous… You will wake up with the skin of your dreams!

  • The See-mimetic Skin Oils are an oil fusion powerful of high nutritious and antirust value. Oil of chía, amaranth, calendula and carrot, combined skillfully to contribute to the skin a highest degree of hydration, flexibility and luminosity.
  • Epidermal Renewal Complex (fitoesfingosina) reinforces the cutaneous barrier and improves the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression, at the same time as it stimulates the production of collagen and the cellular renovation.
  • Vitamins and F combine the antirust power with an intense hidratante action, which improves the resistance of the skin against the external aggressions.
  • The punícico acid (Omega 5) is a novel obtained superantioxidant of the grenade seed, with an extraordinary capacity to fight the free radicals, to avoid the loss of elasticity and to prevent the aging with the skin.
  • Progerin Reducer Complex, obtained from marine seaweed, acts as protective shield of the skin and help to maintain low the levels of the proteins that cause the aging.


  • The formula of retinol of this product has a lasting profound effect and. In addition to accelerating the cellular renovation, it increases to the production of collagen and elastin, help to fill up wrinkles and improves the hydration.
  • The niacinamida one hydrates, reinforces the cutaneous barrier and contributes to the cellular metabolism of the skin, in addition to helping to prevent the appearance with dark spots.
  • The innovating copper peptides act on the fibroblasts to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus contributing to reveal a skin much more signs and flexible.
  • This exclusive obtained marine DNA concentrate of salmon of the Pacific acts as cutaneous shield, repairs, reaffirms and energiza the skin. Able to absorb 10,000 times his weight in water, it preserves the hydration remarkably.
  • The hyaluronic acid is a powerful hidratante that contributes juiciness and smooths out the appearance of the lines of expression.
  • Edelweiss, the flower of snows, protects the skin of the free radicals and stimulates the regeneration of the cutaneous cells, delaying the appearance of the aging signs.
Tricks of beauty
  • In order to harness his benefits, it applies DIAMOND later CARRIES FAR MASK. The USA both together products at night, 2 or 3 times to the week, and you will feel how your skin becomes.
  • If you especially feel the drained the life from or dehydrated skin, you can add some drops of DIAMOND CARRIES FAR OIL to your cream of habitual treatment, or even to your cream of hands!
  • As treatment of nutritious and repairing shock, it applies DIAMOND CARRIES FAR OIL next to DIAMOND CARRIES FAR MASK during two weeks, every night.


  • Apply it after DIAMOND CARRIES FAR OIL for some incredible results. The USA both products 2 or 3 times to the week, at night.
  • You can use it as beauty-al-moment mask, with an effect “flash” that it revitalizes the skin of immediate form. Before an appointment or special event, it applies a uniform layer on face, neck and decollete and lets act during 15 or 20 minutes. Later, it retires with lukewarm water.
  • As treatment of intensive shock, nutritious and repairing, it uses both cosmetic together during two weeks, every night.