• It improves the length of your eyebrows of natural way with neuLASH
  • It enjoys some perfect eyebrows thanks to neuBROW
  • A voluminous hair thanks to neuHAIR shines
Skin Research Laboratories combines technology of vanguard with innovating and essential peptides, proteins, vitamins and ingredients conditioners to create innovating and specific solutions of beauty.
The hialuronato of sodium, contains 1000X its weight in water. It saturates the hydration of the eyelashes, harnessing his smoothness, elasticity and brightness.
  • Created with a patented combination of amino acids, peptides bioengineering that helps to fortify and to protect the eyelashes.
  • The Pantenol, restructuring each eyelash and improves its flexibility obtaining a healthful appearance.
  • The biotin, an essential vitamin B is added to this end, fortifying the eyelashes against damages majors.
  • Extract of pumpkin seed, nourishes the eyelashes and obtaining that these see more radians than ever.


  • The Extract of Apple, power a more vital aspect. The result well formed beautiful eyebrows are some and, more defined, with a more healthful appearance.
  • The Protein of Sweet Almond, creates a protective coating, generating smoothness and brightness in the eyebrow.
  • Peptides of bioengineering, a patented combination of amino acids that helps to rejuvenate the eyebrows, improving its general aspect.
  • The Protein of Queratina, hydrates and works on fibers of the hair thin, undernourished or debilitated revitalizing them.
  • Alantoína, help to calm, to relax and to humectar the eyebrow.


  • Amino acids of silk, of pure fiber of silk, help to humectar and to smooth the smooth and flexible hair leaving it, doing it more resistant.
  • A cocktail encapsulation of powerful polypeptides that provides nutrients to the hair and hairy leather.
  • The Pantenol B5 pro-vitamin protects against the fragility and plows generally securing a healthful appearance.
  • The biotin, essential vitamin that helps to provide nutrients the hairy leather and to protect it against damages majors.
  • The extract of sweet almond help to recover it smoothness and the brightness in the debilitated or damaged hair.
Tricks of beauty
Treatments for your glance: neuLASH and neuBROW

Both treatments have as object your preoccupations in relation to the area of your glance, each serum is designed to approach the weak aspect of the eyelashes or eyebrows caused by the aging and the routines of beauty.

Treatment for your hair: neuHAIR

It directly massages 4 pumpings of foam to the hairy leather once to the day, preferably at night before lying down. It is recommended to apply a pumping in the crown, another one at the rear of the head and another one to each side of the head. The product can directly be applied after the drying with a towel of the hairy leather (after the washing and preparation of the hair as usual) or on a dry hairy leather. Immediately wash to the hands with water and soap after his use.