• Smooth hands as a caress

Some beautiful and taken care of hands are the best complement of beauty. Protect them and repair them with this ultralight lotion of fast absorption that gives back to all their smoothness in time record to them. Intensely hidratante, its formula with 5% of UreaHydrofix fixes the water to the skin, maintaining nourished it during hours.

It stimulates the collagen production and elastin, regenerates and help to prevent the appearance with dark spots. In addition, it perfectly maintains your hydrous, substantial and velvety hands during 24 hours. It leaves your hands speak of you!


The UreaHydrofix (5%), extremely hidratante, has a great capacity to retain the water and help to stimulate the cellular renovation of the epidermis.

The exclusive Aminoessence Cocktail is a totally complete cocktail of amino acids that constitutes a true treatment of shock for the firmness and redensificación of the skin.

Thanks to the extract of Marian thistle, help to fight the effects of the free radicals in the skin.

Niacinamida includes, an antirust vitamin that prevents the aging with the skin. Also it increases the collagen production and it avoids the appearance of dark spots.

A combination of vitamins To, and C of antirust action protects the skin against the damages of the solar radiation

Tricks of beauty

It includes the care your hands in your daily ritual of beauty, since very they are exposed to the environmental aggressions and they also are vulnerable to the premature aging.

If you feel the very dry hands, you can apply it several times to the day.

Úsala so that the skin of your hands shines uniform, luminous, substantial and on a daily basis flexible during long time.