Many factors exist that can irritate your skin: allergies, hypersensitivity, burns, cold… This refreshing serum is your better ally to alleviate it right away! It provides one immediate sensation of well-being, controls the cutaneous reactions and it fortifies the protective barrier of the skin, that becomes more resistant. NB·CEUTICAL SOS INSTANT RESCUE is an ultraeffective formula with a combination of comforting assets between which it emphasizes the novel and exclusive Phytocután

  • ®(calendula), developed by a prestigious medical equipment. Without a doubt, the infallible product to which to go whenever you notice some inconvenience in the skin. Always Take it with you!
  • It is possible to be used in delicate zones
  • Adapted for infantile skins
Ideal for men since it alleviates the irritation of the shaved one

Confirmed results

All the patients who have used a formulation with Phytocután

®to 5% levels of satisfaction and improvement of the pathology present some that never before had been obtained with other products and assets. Also it turns out very beneficial to treat eczemas, moulting, allergic dermatitis, skins submissive chemotherapy and x-ray, cuperosis, erythema, prevention of shinbones, acne, hives, dandruff and striae of the pregnancy.



®(5%) it is an exclusive extract of calendula of quality superior, extraordinarily more effective in his anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and protective action. The creative medical equipment of the Phytocután

®it has counted with the collaboration of the Dr. Jorge Planas, medical director of the Clinic Flat of Barcelona, eminent center dedicated to the plastic surgery and the aesthetic medicine.

The arnica mountain (7%) contributes to great tranquilizing sensation and help to prevent the appearance with contusions and hematomas, as well as, to calm its symptoms when they are pronounced.

It includes Sensorphine (3%), exclusive a neuropeptide that helps to release betaendorfinas (the molecule of the happiness), reducing therefore the tension of the skin and moderating the perception of irritation and pain.

With ecological aloe side (2%), that refreshes, calm and clears. This great hidratante increases the resistance of the sensible skins and improves the irritation sensation.

The extract of própolis is an ingredient with natural, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties antibiotic, that helps to leave a more uniform texture.

Tripéptido-10 Citrulina and Tripéptido-1 contributes to repair and to improve the mechanism of self-defense of the dermis and they protect it of the irritation.

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