Revolutionary program with Retinol that diminishes with extraordinary effectiveness the multiple signs of aging in the contour of the eyes: lines of expression and wrinkles, flaccidity, bags and pouches. It provides a spectacular action “RETINOID-LIKE”, through which it assures a deep regeneration the skin. In addition, it contributes to an exceptional effect lifting, it increases the firmness of the zone and diminishes the swelling.

  • Biomarcador of youth of Bissé Nature
  • Ideal to diminish houndstooth checks
  • It diminishes bags and pouches

Confirmed results

  • A greater elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • A smaller visibility of the lines of expression and wrinkles
  • A remarkable tensile action on the eyelid superior
  • A reduction of the fatigue signs
  • A reduction in the color of the pouches and swelling of the bags under the eyes
  • A hydrous and luminous skin

Its slight formula incorporates Microencapsulated Retinol, which provides a gradual Vitamin liberation To, and a rejuvenecedora natural magnetite, See Nanosomes of effect “RETINOID-LIKE”. The sinérgica action of both assets stimulates cutaneous regeneration, improves the tone and the texture of the skin and gives back the luminosity to the zone of the contour of the eyes.

The sinérgica action of Darutoside (botanical ingredient), next to the Collagen Amino acids and other component revolutionaries of the formula, intensely fights the loss of elasticity that directly affects to the flaccidity of the eyelid superior.

The powerful oxide combination of K1 Vitamin, extract of the bark of Silk and Fítico Acid reduces to the pouches and the swelling, keeping awake a luminous and cleared glance.

An outpost mixture of lipids, extract of White Willow and nutrients instills the skin with a deep hydration long play.

Tricks of beauty

If your objective is to diminish the houndstooth checks, extends the product throughout the wrinkle and realises circular maneuvers, while subject the skin of the zone with two fingers.

In order to diminish the bags and the pouches it realises a massage with the product by the zone of the contour of eyes. It will help you to activate the microcirculation and to oxygenate the muscles of the zone and, therefore, to avoid the retention of liquids and the darkening in this area.