• It recovers the beauty of the extremely dry skins.
Calm the inconvenience and the tenseness of the skin of the body with this powerfully hidratante cream. It even protects and it repairs the most parched skins, giving back to them quickly to his elasticity and beauty. With a 10% of UreaHydrofix, an ingredient that seals the water in the epidermis, maintains your skin nourished during hours.

Its surprising slight texture is absorbed immediately and a silky one without no greasy sensation is based on the finished attractive skin contributing. It discovers a smoother skin, it polishes and flexible that never, and you for the dehydration and the moultings always forgets.

The UreaHydrofix (10%), intensely hidratante, owns a great capacity to retain the water and help to stimulate the cellular renovation of the epidermis.


®(5%) it is an exclusive extract of calendula of quality superior, extraordinarily more effective in his anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and protective action.

Thanks to vitamin F (fatty acids 3 Omega and Omega 6), it reinforces the skin in front of different types from environmental aggressions.

The hidrolizado one of collagen is a compound of marine origin that improves the resistance and the firmness of the skin.

It includes vitamin and, a powerful antioxidant that contributes hydration, vitality and uniformity to the skin.

With biofermentado maize sugar extract, that reduces to the sensation of irritation and sensitivity of the skin and provides sensation of coolness and well-being.

Perfect to repair and to smooth to the roughest zones of the body as elbows and heels.

He is ideal to recover the hydration of the skin after the exhibition to the sun, the wind or the snow.